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Ten miles to school, barefoot, in the snow, uphill, both ways.

February 17, 2011

Fine I am lying. I live in perfect 75 degree weather right now, while the rest of you whither away in the frozen tundra of winter. Sure I feel bad for you, but do you see what I have to deal with? That up there? That’s my commute to work. It would probably help if I made more of an effort to ride the bike on a daily basis, then it wouldn’t even feel like a workout. I have really great reasons/excuses for my laziness.

  1. There was an entire week where it was cold. Ice on the ground, well in the shady spots. Combine that with my racing speed wind chill factor and there’s no way I wasn’t driving to work with the seat heater on full blast.
  2. Sometimes I know that I’ll need to make a Target trip during lunch.
  3. Or Rubio’s.
  4. Or World Market, or Michael’s or Pier 1.
  5. It’s only a 5 min drive, compared to the 30 minute, uphill, grueling, bike riding commute.
  6. Most importantly, I don’t always want to be hunted down by the Mini Dachsund, farm dog from hell that chases me for a block. I have had a nightmare where he gets ahold of my achilles and I have to pedal the rest of the way home with what looks like a rotting, large mouth bass attached to my ankle. It’s not a pretty sight and I sure hope I won’t have that deja vu moment in the future.

Actually I have the most peaceful, easy breezy bike ride. There’s just the one major intersection to cross and I’ve only had one close call with a car. The mountain I mentioned above is about a 1% incline and only lasts 2 minutes. The rest of the time I just bebop along with a smile on my face.

Today I think I went through a vortex. I pedaled across the intersection and ended up in a land of mountainous terrain covered in ice. I was afraid that I would end up going so slow climbing that hill that my legs would stop moving and I would just topple over. Like so:

At least I haven’t had any encounters with killer pigeons.



Getting caught up.

January 25, 2011

I don’t feel like I can say school, work and moving has been overwhelming, but for some reason I’ve felt too busy to keep you important people (I’m talking to you Auntie G.) up to date. I really did have a lot of help moving and school is actually going pretty well so far this semester. So here’s an array of pictures to make you roll your eyes at. 

Yup. That’s Storage Baby. I took advantage of a recent baby day event to snap some polaroids. I need to get that heart below finished up and hanging on the wall. I miscalculated and need to order another pack of film. argh.

The Goodwill dresser event was quite embarrassing. I braved the 50% off Saturday morning adventure. I have never seen such a mix of people waiting outside the doors of a store before. It rivaled a black friday at Walmart. There was an old guy in overalls who was practicing his comedy routine. That was pretty good stuff. Back to the embarrassing part. That consisted of convincing two teenage boys to load the dresser into the poor lil’ buggy and then driving it sloooowly down the road back home. I didn’t have rope so the poor boys had to use bright green yarn to secure the hatch. I was just grateful it didn’t bounce out of the car into the middle of an intersection. Now knowing what to do, I probably would have just driven home without it. Actually no. I would have stood in the middle of the street with an “oopsies” look on my face and hand on a hip… contemplating.

Since Frank is still in the process of getting all his shots, I can’t take him to the groomers yet. I sure don’t want to trim all the hair by his private parts, so he gets lots of baths instead. At least he cleans up his own pee messes with his mop of a hair situation, but then the poop starts hiding in that mop and things get messy. We continue learning together.

This was the most exciting white elephant gift I have ever received. I have tried multiple times to purchase an electric pencil sharpener for my desk at work and they either start out broken or end up that way. When I saw someone open this doozy at a Christmas party, I admit that I squealed and was able to finagle the trades needed to take this lil’ guy home. I think I may have frightened the other guests with my enthusiasm. Oh well. They’ll get used to it eventually.

This Robot Man was an awesome clearance find at Target and fits perfectly on one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever.

I finally got a bike and have moved close enough to work that I can ride it there. I love it. Of course I had to accessorize with the Robot Man and obnoxious basket on the back. It’s pretty much perfect. I have only had a few close calls, but haven’t fallen over yet! Those stories are for another day. I have to thank that cute guy Jonathon, down below for surprising me with the bike. Remember him from the impromptu beach trip? Yea, he’s still around taking me to dinner & movies, spoiling me and whatnot. I kinda like it that way. Sadly I ruin all of the pictures with my level of photogenic quality, so this is pretty much the only ‘decent’ one I can use for now.

Gotta say I’ve been a pretty happy girl lately. Now if only I can get it in gear with this internship and applications. gah.

Now I realize why I like this lil’ guy so much.

January 13, 2011

I almost didn’t recognize him when he wiggled his way into the yarn wrapper. I just thought it was a skein of brown “Fun Fur” I had in my stash.

Frank continues to entertain, further proving his worth.

Frank the Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie)

January 11, 2011

I’ve never been a fan of ‘purse’ dogs. They seem so high maintenance, prissy, yippy, yappy, blech. Then I met this lil’ guy and decided that maybe it’s time to change my opinion.

So far he’s been pretty awesome. He fits right into the new apartment. The barking has been minimal and he already likes his crate/home. I think we’re starting off well. Hopefully I don’t come home from work to a ravenous monster who managed to eat his way out of a crate followed by everything else in the vicinity. Fingers crossed. Either way.. meh.. no biggie. Besides I am pretty sure he’s way too lazy to put that much effort into any project. Yup. Lethargic. Perfect dog for me.

Tomorrow he gets to experience the exciting world of Library Storage/work. He sure is one lucky guy.

December 30, 2010

Yup. This one is ready to be put on the shelf.

Ahh. Winter break. Finally.

December 16, 2010

Another semester down. This was celebrated with a Paper Tongues/Neon Trees concert the other night. So much fun. The lead singers had me smiling the entire time with their goofy dance moves, audience interaction and even scripture reference.

Paper Tongues. Loved the singers sparkly’s on his jacket and cuff. Just adorable.

Neon Trees. They were amazing and much better live. I love the drummer, she’s just as sparkly and adorable as the guy up above.

I don’t think it has really set in that finals are over. This winter break will still be filled with school related work, moving to a new apartment and sleep. I’m so excited about that last part.

An update about the knitting in public situation… I was finishing up a Christmas project while taking the bus home last night and a student offered to buy what I was working on. He claims his girlfriend would just love it. I sure hope he purchased something else for her, because I wouldn’t really be pleased unless there was gold inside. Oh well. 20 bucks later and it’s time to start over on a Christmas gift for Baby Beckett.

For the rest of you… cards and presents have been sent. Keep an eye out! Cross your fingers for some excitement in my neck of the woods, so I finally have some entertaining stories to share. School and work updates sure are boring.

I’m supposed to be the people watcher, not the one being watched.

December 7, 2010

I don’t mind waiting to catch the lightrail since it runs every 10 minutes or so. It gives me the chance to check email, read some homework and do some great people watching.

Since Christmas is fast approaching I need every free minute I have to knit. I apologize in advance to those of you getting homemade gifts.

Here I am standing, waiting for the train to arrive when I hear applause. I turn to look and there’s a homeless woman grinning as she continues to clap. She cackles while saying, “You could be in the olympics. Your form is amazing!” Hm. I’m pretty sure I’m now being mocked by the homeless. Of course I choose to pretend that I’m a celebrity with a fan. I’m not sure all the ASU students waiting with me would agree, but we will see who’s holding the gold medal in the end.