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Blondie + Bicycle + Stairs =

June 2, 2011

Once upon a time there was a crazy girl that really wanted a bicycle for Christmas. Her lovely boyfriend surprised her with the exact bike she dreamed of. Over the past few months the crazy girl has had quite a few adventures while riding to and from work:

  • Being chased by Devil Mini Dachsund’s. There used to only be one, but now the danged thing has a sidekick.
  • Had a near crash experience with a pigeon. This IS different from the bird flying in the car incident.
  • Almost hit the same cat multiple times because the stupid thing kept running in zigzags in front of the wheel. At least it wasn’t crop dusting.
  • And most recently a tumble down the stairs at the apartment complex. Luckily this resulted in minor bruising and slight back pain, which is healing quickly.

Thanks to the handy bicycle repairman at work, a couple painkillers and a heating pad… the crazy girl is back on the road. Small animals beware.

Thanks to the storage artist Ricardo for continuing to capture my adventures in ink.

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