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Baby de Mayo

May 6, 2011

As I have mentioned before, “Baby Days” are pretty much the one thing we have to look forward to at work. This year we were able to have our 2nd Annual Storage Cinco de Mayo Party combined with a 1st Birthday Party for “Storage Baby” Beckett.

There are a few key ingredients to success for such an elaborate celebration. First on the list, of course, was a trip to Taco Bell. Beckett has already learned to worship the bell. That may be partly due to the fact that Taco Bell was his main food group while in utero. I’m sure it has made him stronger, wiser, ready to digest anything that comes his way.

We also had a yummy variety of mini bundt cakes. Beckett chose to eat his portion nice and neat, unlike most 1st birthday cake experiences. Then he veered down a different path by removing it entirely from his mouth and smearing it all over himself and the nearby golf club. To each their own. Maybe he wants to keep his weight down.

One of our student employees who occasionally graces us with his presence whipped up a Koala pinata to complete the birthday party experience. Of course the one year old wanted nothing to do with it. I mean, come on. There was dirt to play with. Duh.

He did end up with some pretty cool new toys, but nothing would have made him happier than to take the rolly desk chair home for good.

In other news, Spring semester has finally ended. Whew. This was a rough one and I’m sure the co-workers are thrilled that my whining has stopped. For now that is. The final semester of boring, mind mushing, brain deteriorating library school starts in two weeks! Let the complaining commence!

Oh and last week, we flew kites. I guess since we are all students who work here and it’s finals season, we needed a bit of a break. I am grateful for stress relieving breaks and Mini Cooper adventures. Combine those with Baby Days and I manage to keep a bit of my sanity.

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