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Ugh. Christmas cards. Too much work.

December 2, 2010

Don’t you just love this time of year.. the presents, decorations, treats, oh and you can’t forget the Christmas Cards! I love getting cards, but making, sending, addressing and buying stamps… blech. I am always jealous of the cutesie lil’ wonders my family members create and send out each year. I don’t have the patience. Luckily enough for me Shutterfly just happens to have a bazillion fantastic cards.. way to make it easy guys! (Not just Christmas cards mind you, they have a little bit of everything) Here’s a few examples of my favorites..

Lucky for me AND you (I’m talking to you lil’ miss) Shutterfly is giving away 50 FREE Christmas cards! Just click here and you can have 50 free fantastic and fun cards too! Don’t worry though, if you have already finished up your Christmas cards they have all sorts of other fun stuff to choose from!

Oh boy, I’m so excited!! Hooray for this years Christmas Card.. don’t worry, your treasure will be in the mail shortly. Get excited, it’s a suprise! Actually, maybe I should say CAUTION! BEWARE! SORRY TO TORTURE! Either way it’s the best way for me to share my thrifty form of love this year… it’s free!! Yay for Shutterfly!

* items in BOLD = my favorite!

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