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Oopsies… for those who got the last email update.

November 1, 2010

There have been quite a few adventures squeezed in between the crazy boredom of school and work. I’m sure you’ve just been dying for the update! Here ya go. Be patient because it’s boring, there’s lots of pictures and explanations.

This is my all time favorite massage client. She knows the appropriate massage client techniques of keeping quiet and soaking up the relaxation.

Baby Day is probably the one thing that keeps the majority of us sane at ‘Storage’. We are very grateful to the Lil’Miss for the effort she makes to visit weekly and let us soak up baby time. I get to share my birthday with that cutesie lil’ boy above in honor of his half birthday! Yay for six months of fun with a crazy momma. (pssst…. baby… thanks for showing off your double chin, so I didn’t have to.)

Jack Johnson was so much fun. There was this group of middle aged crazy women in front of us. Who danced and whispered and sang with us the entire concert. Brings a smile to my face.
There has been a bit of a sushi indulgence as of late. I think I can safely blame the last 10 pounds gained on this fantastic/awful habit of mine. The rotating sushi restaurant was a new experience for me. I probably spent 30 minutes just watching. It took some time for me to develop a game plan and I don’t think I’ll be able to master my technique without more practice. This picture above captures the “dessert” they offer. That’s right, a SnakPak!
This is my all time favorite restaurant right now. Sushi Creek. Yup PARENTS… next time you visit, we’re going there! It’s so, so, so goooood. It brings immediate happiness to your soul.
Since the lil’ yellow buggy has been out of commission for some time, I’ve been walking home from work. Luckily I was able to purchase a new ipod nano a few months ago. Here I was, just walking along, bee bopping to my music and showing off my super awful white girl moves. There’s people approaching, so I move to get out of their path and BAM. I hit this sign. Yup. Classy sassy. Thanks Dad. I’m sure it’s hereditary.
We’ve started a tradition at work where we FORCE the student employees to carve pumpkins. I don’t see why it’s such an inconvenience to them. They’re on the clock. These are the great pieces of artwork they created and I couldn’t have been more pleased.
Bossman graciously parted with one of his cameras in his expansive Polaroid collection. The film I ordered just came it today and I can’t wait to start taking pictures with this beautiful gal. I feel like a name is needed. Suggestions?
This is probably the best birthday card I have ever received. Do you see the artistic ability displayed above? And to imagine that I’m the one who is called Hannibal… who’da thought? Wowza! I love it! The A-team is the highlight of my life!
Well, maybe the A-team is second to this recent highlight even though we haven’t met. Buuut we will be meeting in a week or so. I cannot wait to snuggle up to Miss Kayli aka “Double ‘O Seven”. Ready or not!?!
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  1. Stacey permalink
    November 2, 2010 5:22 pm

    Sick.. sushi..blah! It’s about time you update. We are super excited for you to come visit.. especially lil’ miss Kayli Marie! So hurry it up already.

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