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10-01-10 or 10-10-10 would have been so much cooler.

October 7, 2010

Those were my preferred days to become an aunt. Apparently lil’ sis had another idea, possibly of James Bond influence. That’s my only conclusion since her day to induce was scheduled for 10-07-10. Kinda has a 007 feel to it, huh? Which means I’ve already nicknamed the new baby girl… Bondie. I still have time to work out the kinks, work with the fluidity of it… K’Bo, K’Bon, possibly just Bond. It’s one of those or James. We’ll see what fits when I visit next month.

That has led me to ponder my day of birth and how I would like others to honor the blessing from above. This is all part of my new theme of selfishness and entitlement. Apparently this is how people get things they want. They demand them!

I need to read. Typically I don’t allow myself to read enjoyable books while in school, but I think I’ve got it handled now. Since I don’t have room to store books in my closet of a bedroom and my library card is frozen due to late fees that I don’t want to pay, this leads us to the obvious choice of an e-reader.

I would gladly accept an ipad as an all star birthday gift. I understand it’s a bit pricey and I haven’t quite reached that level of selfishness. I have come up with a frugal alternative (no. not your old, used books) of amazon gift cards. Genius. This will be a team effort, because I can’t afford a Kindle on my own and there is certainly no I in team.

The All-New Kindle

Don’t judge me for wanting the more expensive one. It’s totally logical. I’m sure I could babble on about the reasons I have rationalized this “need”, but I wouldn’t want to bore you. Besides there’s a new baby out there in the world to celebrate.

Good work Stacey and Jed for bringing lil’miss Kayli Marie into the world and making me an official Awwwwntie. That’s what I would like to be called. Thank you.

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  1. Auntie Ginger permalink
    October 7, 2010 1:02 pm

    Then I get to be Grand Auntie.

  2. Donna Bankson permalink
    October 7, 2010 8:13 pm

    Being one myself, I can say with full authority: You are such a brat! I’m liking my iPad (free to me cuz of hubby’s bizness) with the Kindle App as amazon has much more to offer than Apple with regards to quality literature. Sniff. The iPad is a bit heavy, but it’s other attributes/apps outweigh (yes, pun) just the Kindle.

    –From the original Awntie (if I had the capacity, I’d spell it phonetically, but I’m techno challenged in that regard). I’ll allow one extra /w/ for you, dear niece, and newly annointed Awwntie. Congratulations.

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