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Tucson done right.

August 24, 2010

Ms. Kimmy and I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to vacation for a night in Tucson while Miss Rissy visited her daddy. This worked out quite well. I was a bit apprehensive since my last trip to Tucson was not enjoyable at all! Blame Library School! One week of boring blech.

Sadly we both forgot our camera’s, so you have to put up with our phone pictures.

#1. The purpose of the Tucson visit was to experience the all star swap meet. This turned out to be quite the adventure, since as we were headed to dinner Saturday night a storm rolled in. Kimmy was distraught. Oh boy. The whole purpose of our trip was potentially ruined. As we drove around town (a lil’ bit lost) the rain kept pouring, lightning striking and water splashed over the car as we aimed for the puddles. Kimmy kept calling her ex-husband and he was insistent that it wasn’t raining. Yes. Maybe we were on crazy pills, but there was water everywhere! We ended up trusting in this great weather man and headed towards the swap meet with fingers crossed and lo and behold… DRY LAND! Arizona storms are awesome. They’re like a carwash, you drive through 2 minutes worth of water and 3 streets over you’re on dry land again. I guess I should explain this picture… crazy lil’ man singing to potential customers. Great entertainment. This also leads to picture #9, taken specifically for lil’ miss. There were 2, TWO, of these stands at the swap meet. It must be good. Eeegee’s…. pfft.

#2. Awful Lil’ Doggy Clock. Upon entering the swap meet I had every intention of finding an item that would fit in with the clock wall at work. Just as we were leaving, I spotted this treasure and knew that I had to take it back to the boss man. Three dollars later and it was mine! Yes. The tail even wags. Watch out for the clock wall update, it has expanded and is fantastic!

#3. This is a view at the fabulous resort that Ms.Kimmy found a fantastic deal on. We stayed at the El Conquistador Hilton Resort. Soooooo wonderful! Apparently there was a waterslide, but since my neck was broken (see pic below) we did not participate. I couldn’t roll over in bed, look at signs in stores or brace myself for bumps while driving. Pitiful. Just pitiful. I have accepted the fact that I’m old now that my neck was broken just by sleeping funny one night. So awful, since the above mentioned waterslide was going to be the highlight of my weekend vacation. Oh well.

#4-6, 8, 10-11. Kimmy and I were kind of struggling to keep ourselves entertained Sunday morning as Miss Rissy spent time with her Dad. Kimmy decided we should take a random road and we ended up driving up the mountain. Pretty awesome stuff. We drove through the Saguaro National Park, which is where Saguaro’s grow like dandelions. It was amazing. I’ve never seen so many cacti clustered so close together. The drive was beautiful and I quickly learned to just go with the bumps instead of bracing for impact, since the neck was protesting any form of movement. Once we were somewhat close to the top, I decided we better take pictures of us ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Yup, that’s where we were.

#7. Of course the majority of our time may have been spent shopping. Do you see this treasure? Yes it sure is a diamond replica of Jesus. Oh boy. I don’t even know what to say about this situation. Yikes. That’s all I got.

I wish I had a picture of the last event we encountered on our drive home. As we were cruising down the back highway back to civilization, Kimmy slammed on the brakes (neck was NOT happy) because there was a Bobcat darting across the road. A Bobcat! Kimmy exclaimed “Oh my gosh! A Bobcat! That thing could have destroyed us!” For some reason this phrase has become quite the joke among friends, but… meh… whatever. Bobcats are so totally dangerous and life threatening! So. There.

And that’s how one does a weekend in Tucson correctly.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    August 25, 2010 8:25 pm

    Hooray for Tucson updates! I’m so glad you didn’t get rained out of the fantastic swap meet! Way to be old..

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