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No cupcake t-shirt for me. Yup. I’m pouting.

June 29, 2010

First off, I better thank the all star parents for letting me borrow their car for the time being. Lil’ Ms. Stella is the perfect yellow buggy to take to the beach. Stella took off strong at 10pm making a quick trek across I-10 all the way to Santa Monica. This was where we ran into our first big decision, North or South? Since it was 4am, we couldn’t really tell if it mattered, so off to Malibu we drove. That ended up being lame, after all it was 4am. There weren’t even any gas stations open for potty breaks. We made a U-turn and started back down Pacific Coast Highway. The all star part of this situation was that we were able to hit up Venice beach before the crazies came out and took a gander at all the other beautiful spots along the way. We almost headed for San Diego, even made it down to Laguna before turning around once again and eventually settling in Huntington. My indecision, combined with sleep deprivation… BAD NEWS! All I knew for sure was that I wanted to make it over to Melrose to visit Johnny Cupcakes.

I took lots of pictures for ya Stac… enjoy!

Do you see all the sadness up there? It sure was cold for us Arizona folks. It felt like Arizona winter at night, 68 degrees. What? Ugh. No worries. I was prepared to lay snuggled under my blanket for two days straight and nap with the sound of the waves. But then the gods smiled down and the sun came out! Oh the happiness and joy and sand and beach and salt water and boogie boards. Ohhh wait, did I already mention the happiness?

Pictures of me boogie boarding were not necessary. Actually I don’t even know if it would be possible to get an action shot, seeing as how most of my boogie board experience is spent on the bottom of the ocean, face in sand, struggling to survive. I loved every second of it. And then I took a nap.

While the tireless duo of Miss Bobbi Jo and Jono battled the waves, I got dressed to prevent continued sunburn and settled in for some homework time. I know, right! Who would have thought I’d be able to focus on such an awful task. Well I did and I think this means that it’s time for me to relocate once again.

That Speedo situation up above was atrocious. There were many offenders, but they were the typical older men who obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. When did it become the trend for cutesie lil’ young college/high school boys to rock the Speedo? Ugh. Palm to their faces.

All in all, the impromptu beach trip was fantastic and relaxing. I’m ready for another. The time spent with Miss Bobbi Jo and Jono was priceless. She even managed to capture all of our poor planning and indecisiveness on her takeout box. Yeah, yeah I might have gotten us lost and confused in Costa Mesa. Thank goodness for GPS!

I’ll try to stop pouting about the t-shirt situation. I just can’t help it. Don’t you think I need one, if not both of these?

I will accept early birthday presents.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    June 29, 2010 9:36 pm

    Those shirts are FANTASTIC!! You do need one, actually, I think I need one too! I’m glad you had a good trip, and the lil’ bug made it all safely and what not!
    p.s. Good job on the pictures..I’m so proud.. and jealous!


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