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We have an obvious problem at work.

March 31, 2010

It started out as a party once a month or so, the usual holiday celebration in food form. We would all think about what would be yummy stuff, maybe a cereal day or BBQ. These ‘parties’ have spiraled out of control. By Wednesday we’re already planning what kind of party we want to have for the upcoming Friday. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if we just thought of it as “what should we have for lunch on Friday?” When you use the term party, immediately there are drinks, desserts, a main course and appetizers involved. Which leads to an endless supply of leftovers, typically sugar coated goodness. I would like to blame lil’ pregnant girl for this situation, but it’s not entirely her fault. We’re just using her pregnancy as our scapegoat. I hate to admit that this is the reason for the mid-afternoon sugar crash. Maybe it’s time for a sugar-free work zone. Wish me luck with that.

* Cinnabon Cupcakes could have been a success if they actually had the varieties available that they advertise. Hopefully next time.

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