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So you think you’re a “Leonidas”, huh?!? *Eye-roll.

March 23, 2010

I asked one of my friends (probably the best lil’ brother a girl could have,  love ya PrincessZacky’poo) today which historical figure or famous person he would liken himself to. This is who he chose. *Insert that eye-roll here!

Well, HE chose King Leonidas. I just figured if that’s who we’re going with, then it might as well be the Gerard Butler version. I’m not at all surprised with his choice. Lil’bro (I just claim him as one since my parents didn’t provide me with one of my own to torture) is very confident, self assured and aware of all that he has to offer. I’m still trying to figure out what ‘all that’ is and why he thinks they’re so similar…

  • Although Lil’bro might not have the physical poweress of the character up above, he is tall. Maybe 6’6″-7″ or so. There might be some potential for him to bulk up before he becomes King, but I’m not real sure about that.
  • He is very loyal to his family and friends and is a great father.
  • King Leonidas has an all star wife. If the Lil’bro wanted to, then he could basically just snap his fingers and his choices/stalkers would form a line. They’d just stand there fighting to win over this ‘King’. The problem he faces here is that none of them are as good as ME! At some point he’s going to have to settle. Sad face for him.
  • I imagine that Leonidas would have to be full of sarcasm to balance out all that fighting, training and strategic planning. You gotta lighten up once in awhile and I’m certain sarcasm was his choice of humor. My favorite!
  • I think if the Lil’bro was going to have to participate in a battle the likes of Thermopylae, then it would be for the most honorable of reasons, just like his predecessor Leonidas. Of course the Lil’bro would have won and still be alive today, thousands of years later.
  • He likes to win and is very competitive during game night. I don’t know that King Leonidas would yell at his own teammates for forgetting an answer, chatting with other friends or just not paying attention. Oh wait, I guess if one of his teammates weren’t paying attention then that man would likely be dead. Hmm. Guess that’s just one more reason why I never joined the army. Focus. Focus.
  • He is very intelligent, so I think he would be pretty good at that strategic planning while in battle. Somehow I agreed to buy his lunch today without even realizing it. ugh.
  • Once you sift through the ‘I’m the best!‘ attitude, then you realize that he does have a lot to offer and provides valuable feedback to any topic of discussion… often creating an awareness of alternative viewpoints. I love that!
  • Most important is that he entertains me and if I asked him to create this list, it would be even more fun. But for now I’ve asked him to write something for me, so he better… OR ELSE!

Just think, one day there is bound to be a monument in his honor. I love to feed his ego just to see what he comes up with next. Some of our conversations might be even better than the awkward dating scenarios. That worries me. Maybe I’ll just start recording him when he’s not paying attention and posting the highlights here.

p.s. Don’t worry Mom… I’m not one of the ‘choices/stalkers’ mentioned above.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Stacey permalink
    March 24, 2010 5:43 pm

    Hmm.. sounds like quite the fun little guy doesn’t he?!

  2. Mom permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:03 am

    You scare me!

  3. Mom permalink
    March 25, 2010 12:05 am

    Blame the Dad-either your sister or a boy….I had nothing to do with the selection!

  4. Zack's Dad permalink
    March 29, 2010 1:54 pm

    Now that was funny………….and very insightful. You clearly know him well. He is loyal, honorable, sarcastic in the extreme, intelligent and truly original. I find him to be wise beyond his years and dedicated to his family to a degree that you just don’t see very much these days. It’s great to know that he is among funny and original people like you when he is not with us. My wife and I not only enjoyed this entry, but your entire blog as well.

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