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“He who has never hoped can never despair.”

March 17, 2010

Oh Mr. Shakespeare, you have hit the nail on the head. My St.Patty’s day hopes and dreams were crushed with theWinter Cold of 2010. Can you really call this sickness, this phlegm, this cough, this sore throat and fever AND I almost forgot.. this pounding headache a “winter cold”? Just because the temperature has drastically jumped from 70 degrees to 85 in a week or so, is that really a legitimate reason for our bodies to go into shock? I think not.

There were big plans for this day. BIG PLANS! I was going to attend my first Arizona baseball game regardless of my health, but we dropped the ball on purchasing lawn seats. Failure there. I do NOT blame anyone but myself. At first I didn’t allow myself to get excited, it seemed too good to be true. Like we were actually going to attend a Spring Training baseball game and lay in the grass for a few hours during the day. Come on, but then all signs pointed to success which led to an important purchase for 80 degree sunshine… sunblock. Now the sunblock just sits on my desk, sad and unused. I feel as if I have let it down. Will this protective agent in disguise ever get the opportunity to battle the sun’s ultraviolet rays? One can only hope.

There were even BIGGER PLANS for this evening. Plans that I’ve been anticipating for the past month.  Of course I was still tempted this morning to purchase my ticket to the St.Patty’s Day party extravaganza where I would get to listen to Flogging Molly and hang out with silly friends. Then I realized that by the time sunset came around, I would be ready for bed and Theraflu. Who would want to hang out with a grumpy old lady in need of cough syrup? Exactly, nobody. Insert big, pouty sad face here. So thank you Winter Cold of 2010 for the despair-like sludge I’m wallowing in and can’t seem to climb out of. And thank you to the friend who has volunteered to send me pictures of their fun tonight. As if that’s going to make me feel soooo much better.

Here I was thinking that I was going to have such fun stories to share this 17th of March, 2010. WRONG. I guess in the end I can say I saved 40 dollars. bah! humbug!

*I promise I’m officially done whining now!

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  1. camille permalink
    March 17, 2010 3:29 pm

    😦 so sorry. hope you get better before your visitors arrive. Or even better hold on to that winter cold and then they can take care of you.

  2. Alisa permalink
    March 17, 2010 4:04 pm

    take that $40 and go buy you some…? up to you. i would suggest more medicine and lolo’s. we can also have a pity party for ourselves tomorrow. if i make it in. again, lame with the limited sick time for you!

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