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What happened to cereal toys?

March 10, 2010

I might have been complaining just a teensy bit this morning about how my Lucky Charms didn’t come with a toy surprise in the box. Luckily someone pointed out that the Cookie Crisp box had a rocketship you could could cut out and fold together on the back of the box. So fine then. I cut up the box (only stabbed myself once) got crazy with the Scotch tape… all excited about the new cardboard freebie I was putting together. Then I ran into problems with the directions. I really became concerned at this point. Was a parent supposed to be supervising, because I obviously was NOT understanding why I couldn’t put this blasted thing together. And then I see it. The part that says you need the other flavor of Cookie Crisp in order to complete the project. WHAT?

What is the world coming to when you only get half of the free cardboard pieces needed to create your prize? Does this generation even realize that you used to get cool toys in cereal boxes, Cracker Jacks and Happy Meals (the ones that were actually the golden arch box and not the lame paper bag) ? This is shameful, evil and just plain cruel to tease children (me) like this. I may continue to pout about this for a lil’ while. Actually yes, the pouting will continue until this project is complete. Now where can I find Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp?

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