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Oh yes, a photo tour. Enjoy.

March 8, 2010

Lets start with my corner of the world. It’s pretty obvious just how exciting it can get. You see it… don’t you? The fantastic ‘aurora night’ yellow walls with peach trim. Classy. The lack of windows can be depressing at times. Oh no, I should have taken a picture of  the non-existent view behind me. There is a 2×2′ square window about 2 feet above my head. Pretty awesome.  Occasionally there might be a sliver of sunshine that sneaks in. The staple items at my desk tend to be used dishes, M and M’s, random knitting needles, unread homework printouts and the Nerf Gun. The Nerf Gun is possibly the most important item, since student employees tend to listen to their ipod’s at horribly loud levels and I can’t get their attention. Foam darts work as a great attention getter.

Moving on. Next is the desk that Lil’Miss usually occupies. The most IMPORTANT part of this room is the calendar. This is where we brainstorm the weekly holidays and which parties to plan. If there is no holiday, then we may be forced to create an excuse to eat cupcakes and Taco Bell. We’re getting pretty good at those excuses.

Now we’re going to focus on a few of my favorite things. The goat picture is fantastic. Makes me think of the lil’ sister back home. I HATE GOATS by the way. The coats are necessary to survival in the 50 degree cold room where the books are eventually stored. Then we have the bulletin board of student success. We (mostly me) tend to become attached to these students and their entertaining personalities. We’ve done our best to trap their adorable personalities and works of art on the board above the trash can. Works out pretty well.

The keepsake section: First is the Baby Day card from Storage for Lil’ Miss. It really captures the essence of Storage. Next up is the dried up fish bowl. These lil’ guys were a replacement for the betas we babysat for a time. When we gave them back to their owner, there was a void that could not be filled. Our hearts longed for replacement pets, so I purchased these battery operated guys. For awhile the bossman did pretty well keeping them hydrated, but then he went on vacation. So, I guess I’m the one who failed them. Last but not least is the contributions of Abby. There are a few who have problems printing correctly, so the extra labels created an awesome hat. Abby also donated one of her adorable crocheted animals, I think to help keep up happy in her absence.

The clock wall is our latest ‘work of art’. The bossman has this unique talent of finding fantastic items at Goodwill and then purchasing them for work. He kept bringing in these clocks, so it just made sense to create a clock family. It’s my favorite. Especially the Storage version of the Rooster Booster that our resident cartoonist/animation expert created. I’m supposed to be contributing a knitted clock… I think I may be procrastinating. Typical.

A lot of the wall art also consists of Goodwill finds or Target clearance items. Good stuff. Bossman keeps finding Polaroid cameras at that fantastic thrift store which means the Polaroid Wall just gets better and better with time. If you look closely, the window of our conference/party room also doubles as a Hangman Gameboard. I don’t think Spiderman or ‘The Legend’ Michael Phelps need any explanation.

The workplace motivation factors are pretty great. Decorating for the holidays is a monthly event. The Target dollar section is the perfect place to find cutesy window gels. We couldn’t bear to take down Mr.Skeleton after Halloween, so we just change his costume to match the upcoming holiday season. Rooster Booster tends to be our drink of choice while at work, which leads to many Quik Trip runs on breaktime. Of course, there is the ever important J.T. I’m sure I have already discussed the importance he plays within the building. His SNL skits keep us laughing during bouts of boredom. So, on one blessed trip to Goodwill we ran across that poster and J.T. came home to where he belongs.

And last but not least, the grand finale… The Icebox. This is the purpose of my job. To store tons and tons of once dusty books on those shelves for years to come. Ms. Buttercup is how we reach those super high shelves and she even has her own special ‘charge it up’ station.

There you have it. The place where I hang out for 40 hours a week. I promise the next update will be more entertaining.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    March 9, 2010 8:16 pm

    Oh whatever, you always loved my pet goats. I love the workplace.. very interesting and fun!!

  2. Alisa permalink
    March 9, 2010 9:55 pm

    Aurora Night Yellow is an oxymoron. And I think one of the very loved and precious employees who put “Irish” on the door put the “R” on backwards. What’s worse is that I just noticed that today and dutifully notified Mark. He chuckled and admitted he had been wondering for a while whether or not that was the right way the “R” was supposed to go too.


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