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Who needs Photoshop when I’ve got picnik

March 7, 2010

There’s nothing quite as exciting as baking caffeine drugged cupcakes and then feeding them to your co-workers. Luckily the bossman made something that actually tasted good. I don’t even like jello, but the Mountain Dew version is fantastic!

The above Mountain Dew excitement plus a Taco Bell themed Baby Shower was the highlight of the work week. The weekend (in this situation includes Thursday) plans included a trip to The Improv, soaking up the sunshine, a yummy birthday lunch and then a DREARY, RAINY Sunday. Blah. Blah.

I live in an apartment complex that likes to occasionally spoil the residents aka college students. I snatched up two tickets for their latest offer to attend The Improv. I had never heard of the comedian, but the advertisement said free tickets and appetizers. It wasn’t such a touch decision at that point. Free food = happiness. As for the actual show…I never knew that I had been missing out on so many giggles one can have at a comedy place. Another bonus is that it turned out to be a great birthday gift for Princess Jamie. Nice and affordable and fun. Success.

There’s the Birthday Princess up above with the disaster cake box of cake chocolates. Luckily they still tasted great. Who would have thought that leaving the cake in the hot car would cause fondant to melt. humph.

…maybe both. Monster AND Librarian. This last picture was just thrown in for the heck of it.  The cute lil’ girl from Monsters vs. Aliens. The bossman somehow ended up with this toy and decided that it is an inspirational reference librarian. Guess it’s supposed to motivate me through school. We will see.

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  1. alisa permalink
    March 7, 2010 9:37 pm

    I think you’re the only person to not think those cupcakes were good. You and the hubs are the only crazyfaces to not be able to handle the super sweet–which only made them more authentic. It saved me money on qt runs! I think a picture of the trashman shirt is in order too.

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