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Is it time for Spring Break yet?

February 25, 2010

I think it’s normal for most students to experience a bit of stress around midterm and finals. I have decided that I might as well start the stress now, which in a way is a HUGE step for me. That seems proactive, right? Or the fact that I’m consuming way too much sugar is leading to ADD, either way… bad news bears. I guess a few of the student employees at work are tired of my endless complaints, stress baking (actually that’s a benefit for them!), random outburts/sighs and endless pacing. Today I received a ‘lecture’ on creating a to do list, in order to effectively complete my assignments (which typically I have 3 weeks to do) on time.

Don’t worry, they’ve provided me with 6 steps to completion. Now I just have to figure out how to break down that path to success. Isn’t it adorable how they’ve shown me celebrating? Pretty sure I’m bound to be successful when there’s a “yay me” involved!

In other news, well… there really isn’t anything too exciting going on this week. Maybe next time.

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