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Gotta love crazy pregnant girls.

February 23, 2010

“Refresh! Refresh!”

That was the word to online ticket buying success. Lil’ pregnant girl from work has a teensie weensie obsession with Paul McCartney, which led to a group effort of getting her 4 tickets purchased. Of course, there was bribery involved. One Rooster Booster or cash value (75cents) to the winner. Honestly I don’t think there was an option of not participating.

It was so very stressful. Logging in… waiting until 10am… hitting “refresh” repeatedly… choosing price options… entering ‘crazed obsessed fan codes’. Whew. Exhausting. But then there were squeals of joy, possibly tears as she got exactly what she wanted. I can only imagine that the next best thing would be winning the bonus round at Wheel of Fortune. Too bad we didn’t have Pat and Vanna at work today. It would have completed the moment.

NOTE: Although the tickets found on my computer were not the ones purchased, I was the faster ticketmaster customer. Putting it on the resume.

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