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Birdgirl? Renaissance Festival? Oh boy!

February 18, 2010

Today at work, one of the student employees blurted out that I remind him of Birdgirl. I didn’t even know what that meant, so I had to do some searching for this inappropriate cartoon. Sad to say, it’s pretty much spot on. She has a ditsy personality, has to refer to her trusty side-kick handbook and makes silly sound effects to get her point across. I guess if there is ever a need for a future Halloween costume, this will be it. Since the content of this show is inappropriate for some readers… MOVING ON.

I was invited to go to the Renaissance Festival over the weekend. It was scary and overwhelming as usual, but still lots of fun. We were able to get one of our underage friends married off to a creepy old man, pushed a small child down a scary slide and listened to his scream in terror, we were trapped in a conversation with a dragon on a crazy guys shoulder and we ate lots and lots of food. Downfall: the awful, awful smells coming from the boys dressed in costume. Ohhhh, the smells that came from them. I guess they also had enjoyed the variety of greasy foods available. HORRIBLE. Here, let me show you how much fun it was, minus the stinky boys.

(Pictures stolen WITHOUT permission from April.)

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