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Walk, eat, watch tv, sleep. Repeat.

January 9, 2010

I figure since I’m sitting in a Social Computing lecture, then blogging is a form of participation. Alright… I realize that’s a stretch. Finishing my undergrad almost entirely online has made me forget how exhausting it is to sit in a lecture room. Seven days of lecture and obnoxious questions has made me grateful for my blackberry. Thank goodness I could distract myself from many discussions by Facebook stalking people and browsing restaurant menus throughout the day. Let me give you an idea of my schedule I endured this week and why the only thing I was thinking about was what to eat for dinner.

Sunday: Walked 1 mile to campus. Lectures. Lunch. Lectures. Walk the 1 mile back to hotel. Dinner. TV/zone out/not study. Bed.

*let me explain that this isn’t an enjoyable, sightseeing kind of walk. The tall boss man walks as if there is lava, bees or rabid dogs following us and we must hurry, hurry, hurry, yet not quite break into a run. I think running would have probably been easier on the poor legs and feet.

Tuesday-Friday: repeat above activities.

Saturday: DROVE to campus!!! Yay! Lecture (which is where I’m at now). Lunch. Final (3 hours??? Hopefully not). GO HOME!

I can’t believe I’ve survived the week. I didn’t skip class or totally fall asleep, not even one time. Pretty shocking, I know. One bonus is that I got caught up on my eating out activity. Pei Wei twice in one week, mmm. There was an incident at Chipotle with spilled soda which led to possible lifelong friendships with their staff. A trip to Jimmy John’s and Paradise Bakery. There was another incident at Eegee’s where a woman walked through the middle of my conversation with the boss man. She stood in front of me and then spoke in her manly voice, “To answer your question, ‘this’ isn’t a mask, it’s actually a costume.” This led to lots of confusion.

#1. I didn’t ask a question.

#2. I honestly hadn’t even noticed her until the moment she stood directly in front of me and never would have thought she was actually a man.

#3. I certainly don’t care about masks or costumes people choose to wear.

#4. I became concerned as to what part of our conversation made her think we were mocking her.

#5. I was jealous of her makeup skills.

Cross your fingers that I pass this final. I’m sure I wouldn’t even have to worry, if I were actually paying attention. humph. All I can think about is going home to my new apartment and collapsing on the floor. Don’t worry, I did learn a lil’ bit about where I might go with this degree and I’m kinda excited about some of the courses I’ll get to take… ONLINE, of course.

Six more hours to go. Let the countdown begin.

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  1. Aunt Ginger permalink
    January 9, 2010 1:49 pm

    I love your blogs!

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