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December 20, 2009

Well I finally completed my first custom order. It’s actually pretty ridiculous that it’s taken so long to finish these, since the request was made before summer. I can’t help that I get bored with a project halfway through and then start a new one. I guess this is why I don’t knit sweaters. For those of you who tend to be on the receiving end of my knitted gifts, you’re probably grateful for that. Time to move on and see if I can hurry and throw together some Christmas gifts. But don’t get your hopes up because school starts AGAIN tomorrow.

At least school part 1 is finally complete. I am still waiting on 1 questionable grade, but in the optimistic world I live in I feel it’s safe to say that I officially have a Bachelors of Liberal Studies. I really don’t know what that means. Liberal Studies was the quickest path towards graduation, so I took it. In the pursuit of understanding I found this quote from Diane Rehm. She was asked to define a liberal. Here’s her definition:

“Someone who isn’t sure about an issue and works to understand all sides, then on their own decides where they stand.”

I guess that I just studied lots of different issues, never really having to take sides and just wrote a bunch of papers on topics that were interesting to me. If you know me well, then you know that it’s truly the perfect degree for me and at the same time, pretty darn useless.

The journey down the path of Library Science begins tomorrow.

Oh boy!

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