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My first original creation.

December 5, 2009



I’ve finally finished the Super Mario hat. What a piece of work! Hah. The main problem with this is that I was going to give it to a 2 year boy, but the hat ended up being normal person size. I mean, it even fits my large noggin. That’s ginormous size we’re talking about here. If all else fails, it will go to a good home at Goodwill. If only I had more patience with finishing the ugly side of the project, then I could probably sell stuff. Speaking of selling stuff… 

I ventured down to Phoenix last night for First Friday. (Oh boy, I just said selling stuff and heading to downtown in the same sentence. I did NOT mean prostitution!) The artsy side of town sets up tents and tables all over the streets where individuals sell their work. The galleries also open up and there’s just lots of fun, crazy stuff AND PEOPLE to see. I dragged Jamie, my go to person for when I’m sure I’ll have an adventure and we headed for the light rail. She was a light rail virgin, so that in itself was a good time. 

Once we arrived to our destination, we realized that “oh boy” it was cold. Thank goodness we immediately found the table selling tamales. MMMM. 

On a side note, I can’t wait until tamale weekend where I will be filling up my freezer with homemade tamales! 

Back on topic. So, we wandered around a bit, watched some hiphop dancers, listened to the crazy guy standing on a box explain how everyone is doomed for hell. That was not at all uplifting and confused me. Why would you get all preachy about life just going downhill if you’re trying to convert people to your religion. Don’t you want to offer hope??? Whatever. He’s definitely in the wrong profession if he’s all doom and gloom. But he was entertaining to laugh at. 

Ooopsies, hit publish post too early. Sorry for those who get the emails. 

After we were done touring that section of the street, we wanted to head to the other side of the area to see a friends artwork that was on display. This required figuring how the shuttle system worked. We failed at figuring that out in a timely fashion. We started to walk in the direction we needed to go, but were harassed by too many creepy guys and homeless men. We gave up and headed to the Art Museum where we knew we would get on the shuttle. Eventually we ended up where we needed to be, checked with the driver that he’d be back in 20 minutes and headed into the gallery. We just happened to show up as a dance performance was starting in the middle of the gallery, so we weren’t able to wander around and find my friends art. Grrr. I was beyond frustrated by this point. The dance was nice, so we watched for a lil’ bit and then headed outside to wait for our trusty shuttle man. We waited and waited. Hmmm. Obviously shuttle drivers are LIARS! We were contemplating what our next plan of action would be since the shuttles had officially stopped running at 10pm. Did I mention that it was cold for lil’ Arizona girls? It was. Luckily a cab pulled up and was willing to drive us to our destination for a measly $7 fare. What a nice man, as opposed to the shuttle man. I may never forgive him for lying to me. I know how to hold a grudge. 

All in all it was an adventure. We do plan on going back next month when we can afford to buy cheap jewelry and extra tamales! 

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