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2nd Annual Halloween Lunch Party

October 31, 2009

I have received some criticism for the use of stencils when carving pumpkins. hmph. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that when such works of art are created, for example…Jack-o-lanterns

We have a stunning Justin Timberlake, Mario, Puss ‘n boots from Shrek,  a fantastic horse and a traditional Jack-o-lantern carved into a synthapumpkin. Sadly we did not get a clear picture of Bowzer(?), Mario’s nemesis.

Using a stencil does NOT mean that we were slackers. There was plenty of hard work put into these masterpieces. I hope certain people out there (JED) recognize this. As to everyone else who showed their appreciation for our artwork, THANK YOU! You will all be receiving Christmas gifts. Jed, we will see.GolfShoes

After all that hard work, we decided to have a golf adventure. Why did I volunteer my super cute flats as a stand in golf tee, I do not know. Stupid, stupid me. Luckily I typically only buy $5 shoes, so it isn’t a huge loss. I was slightly impressed with the golf skills utilizing my shoes, so the entertainment was worth it. The damage was slight, nothing a handy glue gun couldn’t fix.

Besides, the view was totally worth it…. so much love for Arizona.

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