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Inappropriate Behavior!

October 28, 2009

What an experience.

The first mistake we made was forgetting important snack foods. Duh. Who goes to a new city without the necessities of Doritos, Reese’s Pieces and Mtn. Dew? Ridiculous. We decided to ‘drag main’… oh yeah… taught Ms.Jamie about that activity. Good times.  Ooops, got distracted again… back to the story. As we were ‘draggin main’ we could NOT find any grocery stores, drugstores or gas stations. Nothing. The only buildings we saw had bars on the windows. Finally we ran across a Food City. I tend to avoid this grocery store, not because it isn’t a fine establishment. Only because I don’t enjoy the stares I usually get. If  it’s tamale season at Christmas then I’ll make a stop for important ingredients, but otherwise, nah.

Here we were in Tucson, late at night, desperate for snacks and the only option is this particular grocery store. We chose the closest spot in this super-duper dark parking lot. We successfully avoided the churro vendor who kept yelling at us as we walked inside. Once inside, we were overwhelmed and dorked around like goofy blondes who were lost in a new world. We finally grabbed some chips, salsa and guacamole and made our way to a never-ending line at the register. As we stood there waiting, a lil’ bald man covered in tattoos began to walk by.

Oh how I wish I had this on tape. I don’t think I’ll do this story justice.

As he started to pass, he paused and took a step backward to stand directly next to Jamie. He never said a word, just stared. He continued to stare intently at her tattoo for a good few minutes. It was very awkward. Jamie and I just looked at each other, not sure if we should say something. Once he was done ‘appreciating’ her artwork, he walked away. That was it. No eye contact. No smile. No nod. Nothing. We were in awe. It reminded me of a toddler who is learning the social skill of NOT staring at strangers.

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