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Happy Birthday to Stacey…

October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday lil' missy

The scary thing is that we actually took this picture for Stacey while in Tucson. I didn’t realize just how perfect it would fit this situation. This image takes me back to the family roadtrips. The similarities are pretty fantastic. Let me explain how…

  • 2 door vehicles.
  • 2 lil’ girly’s squished in the backseat.
  • Our cars were always lil’ and a tight place, especially for the youngest who couldn’t stand to share space or air. Heavens if I ‘accidentally’ continued to touch her arm repeatedly. Or slowly fall onto her side of the seat. Maybe stretch my loooong legs onto her side of the floor. They would get all sleepy & tingly, what’s a girl to do? Accidents I tell you! I would NEVER aggravate/torture her on purpose.
  • 2 lil’ girly’s might be rocking the ponytails.
  • Our family vehicles were often some shade of blue.
  • The lil’ sister thought ‘caring & sharing’ actually meant ‘stolen fair & square’. Which means if you were in the room while the theft took place, then you were basically giving it to her. Fantastic huh. Gotta love the youngest. pfft.
  • All in all, I am positive that after all that she put me through, nothing will come between us!

Happy Birthday you old woman. OLD… bwa ha ha. As Dad likes to say, “you’re getting closer to his age, every year.” Lots and lots of love!

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  1. Stacey permalink
    October 27, 2009 9:36 am

    HAHA, that’s perfect!! Thank You dear sister! You’re a riot.. I love you too ;)!

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