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FUNdue Friday!

October 18, 2009

This event started as a way to celebrate National Boss Day… important… YES! We utilized the office white board to brainstorm possible toppings. That worked out pretty well, since my lil’ student workers are ‘oh so smart’!

Look at the results. We had such a variety of food items. FANTASTIC! We even got the bossman to grill up the bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops I had prepared. I also made butterscotch for the first time, since it’s the bossman’s favorite. Ooooh and look at the lil’ Monkey fondue mascot. I’m sure he brings good luck somehow!

It’s always nice forcing everyone to hang out together. Almost like a bad family holiday. Just perfect. (Not my family of course. We actually ARE perfect!) ha ha. One lil’ girl was even nice enough to bring in the ‘ahhh-bi-ahhhhnce’. Look closely, for in the middle of that table is the best smelling candle ever. The Volcano candle from Anthropologie. mmmm… good smells.

On another note, I’m looking a sweet pair of cowboy boots. I bought a cutesy dress the other day, which needs a pair to complete the outfit. Oh so adorable.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    October 19, 2009 7:45 pm

    Check out the Ariat-Fat Baby boots. Super cute, their the ones Jed bought me a few months ago! They’re shorter ones though! What a super duper fun Fondue party!!

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