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Welcome back allergies!

October 17, 2009

Trying to kill me

Originally uploaded by kcmarie.bailey

There are a variety of plants coming back to life. They’re all out to get me. I’m choosing to blame the cute lil’ bushes with purple flowers, because they’re my favorite. It’s always the things you love the most that end up killing ya’ right? I wish I had taken a picture of a plant with more blossoms. They are so gorgeous this time of year. I guess I’ve survived them for 5 years, what’s another few?

I have some EXCITING pictures to post soon… hold onto your horses.

Since I moved my blog, I have had some difficulty figuring out how to create the email list for those family members that receive my new posts via email. So for now, the best I can do is provide the lil’ link on the left over there. Click on it. Enter your email. When you get the email from them, click the link and you’ll be subscribed. Easy peasy. Maybe my lil’ cousins can get the grandparents hooked up to this while they’re visiting the lovely state of California?!? hint hint.


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