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Midterms…blech… at least it’s halfway over!

October 12, 2009
Procrastinating as we speak/write/read. Midterm. Due. Tomorrow at noon. This is for the class where I have forgotten to submit 2 previous assignments due at noon on Mondays. I now realize that this is quite a difficult concept for me to grasp… the noon deadline. Most online classes are perfect for procrastinators who like to wait until midnight to turn in their assignments on a late sunday evening. It’s perfect in giving you the whole weekend to work with, yet turning it in at the last minute before the work week beings. Well this class is messing with my mind and busy, busy life (ha, yeah right). When it says due Monday, I think “oooh… a whole extra day I can waste.” Then the world falls apart when I get home at 5pm and realize, oopsies, missed another deadline.
Obviously I’ve got the hang of it now. I have until noon tomorrow to get this midterm typed up. I’m working pretty hard at it. Here are my 10 cancel that, 8 steps of procrastination and successful avoidance, starting with this morning:

1. Go to church. Takes up a considerable amount of time, but provides the opportunity for reflection which is necessary for some good paper writing.
2. Went to a movie. This gave me the opportunity to relax and giggle a little bit before I buckled down to start the above mentioned writing.
3. Went to Paradise Bakery to do the homework. I was starving as usual. They provide free wifi, yummy salads and cookies, mmm. I wrote about a paragraph. That was a good start though.
4. Thought that since I was headed in the right direction with that one paragraph, I would continue brainstorming, take a break and hit up Trader Joe’s on the way home since I’m completely out of groceries.
5. Roomie had rented some new movies. Of course I must watch one. Giggling is always good for the soul… and brainstorming, of course.
6. Realized that the toe/fingernails needed a lil’ lovin’. I had previously purchased my new FAVORITE nail polish in ‘Cherry Red’. This brand is the bomb. Better than any of the stuff we used at the salon I used to work at. Fantastic!

7. I could have posted the before and after, but I think the results are good enough. Which leads me to the fact that, YES, I have purchased a new camera. I had found one at Target on clearance the other day, in my quite affordable price range. I stood at the counter forever looking at the selection. I pretended like I knew what I was looking for, testing them out on random strangers. I hemmed and hawwed, finally deciding to go with the one on clearance, of course. It’s on clearnance. Duh. I sheepishly asked the camera counter lady for assistance and I was told they were out of the one I wanted. hmmph. I must have looked so depressed that they offered the other one I had been looking at for the same price. So yay! New lil’ camera! It kinda matches my toes! Get excited about lots of random photos headed your direction by way of my blog.

8. I guess #7 was just an actual act of procrastination. Lets make this one count. Blogging. Look at how much I can type when it doesn’t actually matter. Why can’t I just make this my paper. Oh yeah, my blog doesn’t have anything to do with Religious Issues. Duh. My paper is supposed to be on the family unit. I’m going to be addressing the fact that it has changed and adapted with society and our culture. I’d rather just talk about my new, sexy, red nail polish and camera. Why can’t I just write that families can consist of many different options and that everyone should be able to have cute lil’ babies regardless of their family situation. Married, single, gay/kinda married, should all be able to have cute lil’ asian adopted babies. We all deserve happy homes. There’s my paper in a nutshell. Now I just need 5 more pages to back that up.

Wish me luck.

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