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Proof that I might be losing my mind.

July 14, 2009

I have a Snickers bar that’s been sitting in my pen cup, on my desk for about 2 weeks. It’s had an eventful life while in my care. The Snickers bar spent it’s first few days in the cup, completely ignored. Once I remembered it was there, I tossed it in my purse for later consumption. Well… it fell out in the back of my car and promptly melted in the 8 million degree temperatures of an Arizona car. Of course I was overwhelmed with sadness at this point and placed the melted mess in the freezer. Last week, I took it out to defrost and set it back on my desk.


Yep, I’ve done this twice now. Poor lil’ Snickers is at my desk again, all defrosted and ready to go. Weird part is that I no longer crave Snickers candy bars and I only bought it out of habit. Crazy. At any other point in my life I would have eaten that goodness in any form… fresh, melted, frozen or defrosted. Anyone who wants to drop by my work for a visit can enjoy this piece of work!

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