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Where did these clouds come from??

May 22, 2009

Somehow I have ticked off the weather master. It has been cloudy and humid with an occasional sprinkling of rain. Where is my 100 degree sunshine? Rrrrgh. Hopefully things clear up by tomorrow. I have a 4 year old birthday/pool party to attend. It is time to work on the funky tan lines I have created in the last 2 months. Who knew tanning was so complicated…

The first day I spent by the pool I wore a longer pair of shorts and of course got a nice sunburn. That sunburn turned into a tan/splotchy looking disease. Nice.

Next time I burned my back in a zebra style pattern. I didn’t have anyone around to rub lotion on it and figured it wouldn’t be too bad. Well silly me, I had wiped my hands on my back like one would an apron, after I had lotioned up my arms and legs. So the zebra stripes were actually my finger smears. Another nice one.

Then I decided I better fix that disease/splotchy tan line above the knees. I wore the typical swimsuit and liberally applied the sunscreen, but still managed to burn around the bottom of the suit. I could handle the pain of the burn, but the itching and scratching that followed was inappropriate for work. Oh well.

Next… I know, there’s more… it was finally warm enough to get in the water. I got out the comfy pool floaty/lounger and floated to dreamland. I even timed myself and flipped over halfway through the day. The problem with tanning in the water is that a certain level of your body becomes submerged. When you flip, a portion of your body is once again underwater. The parts of my legs that saw sun are a beautiful bronze, but I now have white racing stripes down the sides of my thighs. Beautiful.

Wait, one more. My swimsuit bottom has these little holes around the top where there was once a ribbon. Since it didn’t match my tanktop, I removed it. Oopsies. Now I have a series of little tan polka dots around my belly and back. They go pretty well with the belly button though.

I’m hoping that if the sun decides to grace us with its presence this weekend, I can fix a few of these problems, at least the racing stripes. I’ll get some good practice in with that side lying supermodel pose as I expose those stripes to the sun!

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  1. Stacey permalink
    May 22, 2009 10:06 pm

    HAHAHA!! You make me laugh. By the way.. there’s a typo: Paragraph #5, “I now have white racing stripes down the sides of my THINGS”.?? I hope by things you mean thighs..

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