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My toes are cold,

November 13, 2008

and my nose, and my FINGERS! I hate having cold hands.

It’s almost ‘winter’ time here in sunny AZ and I’m dreading it. It’s already down to 50 degrees when I drive to work in the morning, still with my windows down 🙂 Then it only reaches 79, maybe 80 during the day. I have to wear my jacket nonstop now. It’s just awful.

Back to my fingers… this is always the time of the year when they start to hurt again, as soon as it gets cold outside. All those stinkin massages I used to do. Bah. I couldn’t possibly blame the achiness on all the maniac knitting I’ve been doing the past week. (I sound like I’m like 80 years old.) Oh boy, these pretty new knitting needles have been put to good use. I guess it’s just my stress relief as we wait to see who will be laid off… remember to love your library folks!

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