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My first work of art in the land of Crazy Dolls/Animals

August 7, 2008

I wanted to share an example of the fun I’ve been having this past week. This is a representation of my first doll. It was supposed to be a gray cat like creature, but I don’t think I’m going to sew the ears on. It would take away from the Pregnant Bagpiper style hair (c. 2002?) You might notice that one leg is thicker than the other. That’s pretty accurate. I am trying to represent all types of people out there and I don’t want to damage future self-esteems by creating what we view as a ‘perfect’ little baby doll. The truth is that I lost count and just kept going. One more little problem is that I haven’t finished both legs and I don’t want to, so one of them might end at the knee. Maybe I’ll sew up some crutches instead. I did start my first puppet last night… a shark.
P.S. My favorite part is that her skirt folds up to show off some black panties. Woo woo!
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