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Looks like I may be moving…

July 17, 2008

First off, I should have created a KEY for this picture. There is a lot of explaining to do. This is my street in sunny AZ. The “quiet families” are people we rarely see, but are polite. The “brown dots” (not race specific, it’s a variety) on the main street are people, usually under the influence of some drug. The only problem we have with this group is that they typically walk in the middle of the street at night. I have ALMOST hit someone once. The “nice family” has grass in the backyard and I’m jealous of their landscaping. The “nice couple/live plants” is just that. Their plants live and flourish. I don’t understand it at all. Once again… jealousy. Notice that the “Hare family” has black spots, take a guess… DEAD PLANTS. I’m at fault. I don’t have an excuse, other than I’m lazy. Which most of you already know about me. For the most part, we have really enjoyed living here. All the neighbors have been really nice, quiet and we all leave each other alone.
Enter “CRAZY!”, (black lines=garbage) up until a few weeks ago they were another “quiet family”, who sometimes sat outside for a smoke. They moved and now we don’t know who this replacement is. They obviously didn’t buy the house and I can’t imagine renting to them. There’s a couple and an older man. I think the woman works, but the men stay home all day, getting into who knows what kind of shenanigans. Yesterday I noticed the younger man run down the street. A few minutes later, the older man followed at a much slower shuffle. Then a police car came from the main road, stopped in front of MY house and reversed back the way he came. This happened again. The next time I looked out the window, there were 3 police cars next door. The “CRAZY” woman was outside on the phone, crying and throwing some sort of tantrum. Since I couldn’t tell what was going on, I sat back down on the couch. Ten minutes later….
Are you kidding me? What’s going on in my neighborhood? The other “nice family” neighbors started to get curious at this point, but I’m too shy to go get the gossip. The Hare is in charge of that tonight. I want the normal neighbors to come home. Why did they leave and let these people take over our nice, quiet, dead-end street? Hopefully things calm down and the delusional street walkers don’t start detouring our way.
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