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Another astroslam…

July 15, 2008

I’m taking a class this summer called Witchcraft and Heresy in Renaissance Europe. As the MOST IMPORTANT part of my studies, I decided I need to continue reading the horoscope section. My favorite is the Astroslam. Here is Scorpio’s for today:

If you want to convince people to do things your way, you’re going to have to find some supporters first. Yeah, good luck with that. Everyone thinks you’re freakin’ nuts.

I just can’t figure out how they are exactly right, everytime. It’s like they know me. Don’t worry, I’m going back to my real homework right now.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    July 15, 2008 9:08 pm

    It’s about time you post again! Sheesh, I’ve been sick of waiting. Sad but true, I believe the astroslam really is true for the scorpios out there..

  2. Tortoise permalink
    July 15, 2008 9:11 pm

    I’ve been dealing with a tempermental internet connection at home on the weekends. Cut me some slack! 🙂

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