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Another man down

June 16, 2008
I had a bad feeling going into the weekend, that the lone Beta fish wouldn’t survive. The proof was there this morning. One coworker posted a warning to fish that may want to move in:

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  1. Donna permalink
    June 18, 2008 1:59 am

    Just gotta ask: You didn’t start out with more than one beta (aka, Siamese fighting fish) in the tank, did you?

    Jacey attempted to care for two goldfish earlier this year. One of them, Coral, got sucked up into the filter and died. The other one, Panther, with his own tattered fins “seemed almost dead” (in other words, Russ was tired of messing with them). So, he told her that they both died and flushed them. Well, about an hour later after the drama died down, I went to use the facilities and Panther was swimming in toilet bowl. I yelped and Jacey came running. I told her that he must have been faking it and threw him back into the fish tank. He finally succomed to the lethal filter a month later. I flushed several times to be safe.

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